Monday, January 24, 2011

Market in Atlanta

Welcome to the new site for the Sugah Cakes Blog. This site just seems to be a little more accessible and believe me, I am all for making life easier. I hope you will follow my journey through the perils of retail and a cake and cupcake business. Last week we made the trip to Atlanta to market. Always sounds so fun - part of it is - but oh my feet! There are 3 buildings: one 14 stories, one 20 stories and one 18. All filled with showrooms or temporary vendors. We usually spend 4 to 5 days, starting early in the morning and calling it quits about 6 or 6:30. We stay outside the perimeter in Atlanta, which means about a 20 minute commute if traffic isn't terrible. Because we have such a variety of items in the store and the fact that we are a kitchen shop, a bakery, a stationer, a gift shop and offer interiors, we have to look at everything! It is an exciting time and a chance to see all the new trends and "must haves".

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