Thursday, February 17, 2011

Take Out Valentine's Day

This is the first "20's" installment.

Since we have only been married for a year, this was our  first married Valentine's Day. For us the perfect dinner was take out Thai food and a picnic during Julie and Julia.

Have you seen Julie and Julia? It is such a good movie...make sure to see it if you haven't...and then get cooking!

We decided to watch the movie again because it has the best Valentines scene. In the movie, Julia Child has an intimate Valentines dinner with friends. Everyone is wearing big construction paper hearts on their lapels. It's a very sweet scene, and was even the inspiration for our engagement party. Instead of paper hearts, our hostesses gave everyone red flashing hearts. The night was a blast and Valentine's Day will always be a special and sentimental day for the two of us now!

Our only homemade goodie eaten during Valentine's Day was made here at the store. We enjoyed one of the new "Hostess" Cupcakes that Ann and Kristen have been making. They are incredible! Come try one, but come early, because they sell out fast!

Did everyone have a sweet and fun Valentine's Day, too? 

Post by Beth McCord

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