Monday, May 16, 2011

Last bite of the big apple -

Last day in NYC,  and I don't think my feet could take another day!

or Kristen's shoes - worn out!

 Kristen and I finished up at the stationery show. We had to check out a few things we made notes about. Actually found some new ideas for our Sugah Cakes booth - inspiration in the strangest places. Went straight from the show to Ground Zero. I have not been in a couple years and it is amazing how much progress has been made. It will be a beautiful sight when they are finished. Then to Chelsea market. Only Kristen and I consider food vendors as tourist attractions. Loved watching the bread makers at Amy's, the Italian market to marvel at the cheeses and pasta and the bowery kitchen shop to again do "market research". Next stop Dean and Deluca in SoHo. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a Dean and DeLuca on the corner from your house?
Subway - thought I was a pro but I missed my stop - had to get off and go back and then the train didn't stop!!! So back again on the next train and finally off at Spring street and hiked over to Little Italy for lunch. What could be better?
Last on our list for the day was Sweet Revenge. Everyone has seen the Chase Ink commercial about the girl that lost her corporate job and started a cupcake and wine bar. Again, lots of walking and sore feet. Gave in and took a cab back to the hotel.
All in all a fabulous day, but we are looking forward to being home. We found some lovely items for the store and got some great ideas. Come see us!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

SugahCakes goes to the Big Apple

Up at 3:30 AM and off to Charlotte to catch an early flight to NY. Kristen and I are attending the NY stationery show and doing "market research" tasting cupcakes all over town! As soon as we arrived we hit the streets and walked for miles. Even though it was a little overcast the weather was perfect. -  Here's Kristen at Rockefeller Center - the flowers everywhere are in full bloom.
We saw Wicked Saturday night and loved it!! The music is fabulous and the story so cleverly played off  the Wizard of Oz. There is nothing like Broadway, and Times Square at night is always a thrill:
If you have never been to a trade show - it is hard to imagine how much "stuff" there is. The New York Stationery show is HUGE. Again, miles of walking and tons of stationery and paper and notecards and greeting cards and gifts and wrapping paper and and and and - you get the idea! One more day of the show and lots more "market research", then home on Tuesday. So much to see - would love to have all week - but don't know if my feet could take it!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Back to reality

Back in to the swing of things after a weekend in Gay - BUT not for long. Kristen and I are off to the Big Apple for the stationery show! Great excuse to visit one of my favorite places. As much as I am all about being Southern, I do love New York. We will have a great time sampling the food, visiting all the cupcake shops there and we are seeing Wicked on Saturday night.
We made lunch for Hawk and Tom (97.3) this am, so I was at the store bright and early at 5:30am (did I really say bright? It was still dark!) I think they thoroughly enjoyed the food, even at that time of the morning. Sent some of my favorite cupcakes, too!

Sweet thoughts,


Saturday, May 7, 2011

What a perfect day in Gay, GA! Our third trip to the Cotton Pickin' Fair and it gets better each time. Today the weather was a crystal clear day with highs near 80 but cool in the morning. Lots of repeat customers and friends from our previous trips.
We are staying at the Pine Mountain Club Chalets, up the road in Pine Mountain (near Callaway Gardens Darling chalet with a large screen porch - grilling dinner and resting up for tomorrow. Mother's Day - but I am happy to be
I have had a revelation about baking cakes on this trip. We have been just about everywhere in the southeast and Texas baking cakes for shows. When people tell me their cakes never turn out, I am always amazed. Today at the chalet my cake got too brown in the oven. Over the years as owner of Home and Garden, we have done hundreds of cooking classes, and it is amazing how many women do not have the appropriate tools in the kitchen. It occurred to me today that most people don't think about their oven - just the cooktop. A convection oven makes baking a breeze - even temperature and a nice crisp top. Checking the temp and "hotspots" will make everything you bake turn out a little more perfectly!
Looking forward to another day at the "fair" - will fill you in tomorrow!
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