Sunday, May 15, 2011

SugahCakes goes to the Big Apple

Up at 3:30 AM and off to Charlotte to catch an early flight to NY. Kristen and I are attending the NY stationery show and doing "market research" tasting cupcakes all over town! As soon as we arrived we hit the streets and walked for miles. Even though it was a little overcast the weather was perfect. -  Here's Kristen at Rockefeller Center - the flowers everywhere are in full bloom.
We saw Wicked Saturday night and loved it!! The music is fabulous and the story so cleverly played off  the Wizard of Oz. There is nothing like Broadway, and Times Square at night is always a thrill:
If you have never been to a trade show - it is hard to imagine how much "stuff" there is. The New York Stationery show is HUGE. Again, miles of walking and tons of stationery and paper and notecards and greeting cards and gifts and wrapping paper and and and and - you get the idea! One more day of the show and lots more "market research", then home on Tuesday. So much to see - would love to have all week - but don't know if my feet could take it!

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