Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cotton Pickin' Fair!!

The first show of the holiday season is Gay, Georgia and the Cotton Pickin Fair. It is not our usual Junior League event - but one we love. It is so Americana and brings to mind a different time when our lives were not so overwhelming. Situated on an old family farm with original cotton and peach sheds, the train passes right behind our vendor area. Trains are one of my favorite things, so the whistle and sound of the wheels on the tracks are not a distraction but a pleasure to hear.

There are two stages that have performances throughout the day -
Sunday morning church is also held here.

We have had the same area for our booth for 4 fairs. We love it - it is a covered area next to a peach shed!

There are thousands of people who attend this fair - from several surrounding states. We have lots of repeat customers here.

Next stop - Martha's Market in Charlottesville, Virginia

Monday, October 10, 2011

Christmas in October???

It has been a longgggg weekend at Home and Garden! Today is the official open house for the holiday season and everyone (about 20) worked to turn the store into a wonderland. It seems early, until you realize that there are only 6 weeks till Thanksgiving and most people decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is a little difficult to give each holiday it's due - right now we have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas - all filling every space in 3500 sq feet. Needless to say ...things get a little messy:

Selma - the kitchen is her area!

Jeanne - who is our master decorator!

                                                         Mason - keeping it all together

                                                       Cindy who tries to keep us straight (to no avail)            

                                                         Kerri (left) our nursing student

                                                        Jessica - our Wofford connection

BUT - after many, many hours, they all come together to be beautiful!

Don't think that decorating is all we did this weekend! We had a customer who was giving a party for her friend that loves Halloween - so Kristen did her magic:

But.....that's not all we did this weekend.....

We also hand sifted, handpacked and boxed almost 500 Sugah Cakes!! We just returned from Gay, Georgia for the Cotton Pickin' Fair and we are restocking for our next show - Charlottesville, Virginia's Martha's Market. Love Charlottesvile. Would love to see y'all there!
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